What's a bud vase? 

A bud vase is a tiny little vase that holds only 1 flower. Most bud vases are glass, but you will find the occasional ceramic or metallic one from time to time. They're a good staple to have on hand if you have a rose bush or other flowering plant. 

Good things to know:

  • Bud vases break easily - watch out butterfingers

  • Bad vases look good when you group them together with differing sizes

  • Bud vases can help showcase a single rose (or any single flower bud)

  • Another cool thing...

  • Another cool thing...

Where to buy them:

  • at The Flower Mart
  • Crate & Barrel
  • IKEA
  • Thrift Stores

My Favorite Bud Vase Arrangements: