5 Beautiful Ways to use Narrow Neck Vases 

Narrow neck vases hold only a few flowers. They come in all sizes, shapes, and heights.  Most are glass. They can be colored glass, like the tall orange bottle, brown glass like the vintage Paul Mason heart shaped bottle, stamped glass like the antique Schenley bottle with the vine design, green recycled glass like the round honeycomb vase, or clear glass.  And sometimes a narrow neck vase might be ceramic, like the Arts and Crafts vases shown below in the next section, or they could be metal.


Good things to know:

  • You can group narrow neck bottles together using various shapes and sizes. 

  • Or, you could use just one and make a still life setting with other components, like a tray or fabric.

  • Narrow neck vases can feature a single flower like a peony, ranuncula, or rose (or any single flower bud).

  • They can also hold several stems, like baby's breath, or wax flower.

  • Additionally, you can make a dried flower arrangement in them.

Where to buy them:

  • at Antique stores
  • Second hand or thrift stores
  • a Flower Mart or craft store (like the Arts and Crafts vases).
  • the Dollar Sore (like the tall orange bottle)
  • discount stores like Michael's ( like the recycled glass round honeycomb vase).

My Favorite Narrow Neck Vase Arrangements: